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«The amount of the long-lived radioactive isotope cesium-137, and the shorter-lived iodine-131, which have already escaped from the troubled Fukushima power plant in Japan may be significant, approaching emissions of these isotopes from the Chernobyl accident in 1986. The estimates come from Austria’s weather service, the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics in Vienna.»

«A350-year-old notebook which describes the execution of innocent women for consorting with the Devil, has been published online by The University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library. Puritan writer Nehemiah Wallington wrote passages on his attitudes to life, religion, the civil war as well as the witchcraft trials of the period.»

«Der Greenpeace-Kernphysiker Heinz Smital erklärt, was radioaktive Strahlung ist, wie sie entsteht und was sie im Körper bewirkt. Warum sich die Bevölkerung im Ernstfall nicht schützen kann und warum auch Katastrophenschutzpläne keinen Schutz gegen Katastrophen bieten.»

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