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«Though we still think of ancient Greece and Rome in terms of white marble sparkling under a hot Mediterranean sun, the new exhibition shows a Greco-Roman lady as she was meant to be seen – in technicolour. Not everyone may take to Stanford’s painted lady, but first impressions can change. “It’s very different – some have called it kind of garish,” admitted Nguyen, but she confesses that she’s gotten used to it.»

«Early Historic Scotland has long been thought of as a barbaric and dark time, dominated by blue-painted Picts and marauding Vikings. But Scots academics are set to dispel this notion with research to be published later this year depicting the country during this period as a place of flourishing creative and intellectual work, open to, and trading with, the continent.»

«Earthquakes—several in the range of 5.0 and higher—are still rocking the coast of Japan. But the aftershocks are dropping off, both in strength and frequency.»

«Paleontologists have not found much of Oxalaia quilombensis. A fragment of the snout and a portion of the upper jaw are all that is known of this dinosaur. Even so, those two parts are enough to know that Oxalaia was one of the peculiar predatory dinosaurs known as spinosaurs, and a giant one at that.»

«The radiation crisis in Japan worsens for two reasons: one that we’ve heard about, one that we haven’t but which may in the end do far more harm.»

«The Anglesey Rock Art Project recently extended their programme to include excavation and re­cording of megalithic rock art on a stone at Llwydiarth Esgob Farm. The stone, made from a distinctive localised hornblende picrite, stands within the garden of the farmhouse and was moved there by the noted antiquary Thomas Pritchard at the beginning of the 20th century.»

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2 Antworten zu “… zu guter Letzt”

  1. Anonymous sagt:

    Hallo Oliver,

    deine Geschichtsnews sind sehr interessant. Wo findest du sowas? Oder konkreter gefragt: Gibt es Newsseiten speziell für Geschichte? Sowas wie heise, arstechnica, usw.
    Würde mich interessieren.

  2. Insgesamt verfolge ich knapp an die 100 Seiten zu archäologischen bzw historischen Themen, dazu die Twitter-Accounts diverser Kollegen.

    Aber es existieren ein paar nette Sammelstellen:



    In der Regel ist man im Ausland weitaus informativer, in Deutschland eher zugeknöpft und wenig aufgeschlossen gegenüber den neuen Medien.

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