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  • Schlechter Witz
    Alphonso zu den Freischreibern und der Idee eines Bloggerverbands im speziellen.
  • Information overload
    «Wen wir mal für einen Augenblick das Gedöns um Wikileaks, Mr. Assange und die undiplomatische Diplomatie der Amerikaner, Hysterie hin oder her, außer Acht lassen könnten?» Ein wenig Realität in all dem Hype.
  • Wikileaks are for-hire mercenaries — Cryptome
    «Wikileaks has always been a commercial enterprise hiding behind a narcissistic «public interest» PR, says Cryptome operator John Young in a scathing critique of the site.» … unter Whistleblowern.
  • John Lennon’s Last Days
    «Nine-hour discussion with ‘Rolling Stone’ took place three days before he died.» Rolling Stone zum 30. Todestag von John Lennon.
  • Ancient coins teach researchers about modern society
    «Sophisticated radiation techniques are being used to better understand ancient trade patterns and the development of modern society.»
  • do not talk to me about wikileaks
    «If Assange going down, deservedly so or not, also breaks WikiLeaks, then that’s amazingly bad planning or, very possibly, hubris: This is where we find out whether Assange finds it more important to get the job done, or style himself a rockstar.»

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