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  • Unix dynamic duo awarded Japan Prize
    «Gray beard Bell Labs scientists and Unix operating system co-creators Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson have been awarded the 2011 Japan Prize for information and communications.»
  • Unevenly Distributed: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The @
    » I would like to try to impart my love for one of the oldest, and most impenetrable, and aesthetically unattractive, and sociopathic and schizophrenic genres of computer game to a reader who will doubtlessly hate it for all of those exact reasons. I’m talking about rogue-likes, so called because of their ancestry in a progenitor called Rogue. Let’s see how I do.»
  • When Copy Protection Was Fun
    «Spudvision has your new desktop wallpaper – high-res versions of the original pen’n’paper sketches from The Secret Of Monkey Island’s copy protection code wheel.»
  • Unexpected Find Opens Up New Front in Effort to Stop HIV
    «HIV’s Trickery within the Macrophage Revealed»

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