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  • Gemeinsame Sache mit Ungarn
    «Bayern und Ungarn wollen enger zusammenarbeiten. Nach einem Arbeitsgespräch unterzeichneten Innenminister Joachim Herrmann und sein ungarischer Amtskollege Sandor Pinter eine Erklärung, in der sie vor allem Kinderpornographie und Internetkriminalität den Kampf ansagen.» Paßt doch wie «Faust aufs Auge». Überall lupenreine Demokraten.
  • German firm’s CEO removed over WikiLeaks cable
    «A German company involved in the building of European navigation system Galileo says it has removed its chief executive after he was quoted in a cable obtained by WikiLeaks as describing the project to a U.S. official as «a stupid idea.»»
  • Extreme aging in the federal judiciary—and the trouble it causes.
    «Judge Richard Owen of the U.S. District Court in Manhattan gathered a group of lawyers in his courtroom in 2007 to discuss the possible leak of sealed documents in a business case. As the hearing got under way, Owen, then 84, asked for someone to explain this newfangled mode of communication the lawyers kept mentioning—e-mail. «It pops up in a machine in some administrative office, and is somebody there with a duty to take it around and give it to whoever it’s named to?» he asked.»
  • 2,550-Year-Old Celtic Beer Recipe Resurrected
    «Early Celtic rulers of a community in what’s now southwestern Germany liked to party, staging elaborate feasts in a ceremonial center. The business side of their revelries was located in a nearby brewery capable of turning out large quantities of a beer with a dark, smoky, slightly sour taste, new evidence suggests.»

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