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  • Ex-Swiss Banker Gives Data to WikiLeaks
    «A former Swiss bank executive said on Monday that he had given the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, details of more than 2,000 prominent individuals and companies that he contends engaged in tax evasion and other possible criminal activity.»
  • The Voice Turns 80: Happy Birthday, James Earl Jones!
    «Today, the man with what is probably the most famous voice in the world turns 80. James Earl Jones was born on this date in 1931 in Mississippi, and — believe it or not — was functionally mute for eight years of his childhood due to embarrassment over his stutter.»
  • Wikipedia ist in einer Sackgasse
    «Am heutigen Samstag feiert das Online-Lexikon Wikipedia seinen zehnten Geburtstag. Martin Haase, der ehemalige Vorsitzende des Fördervereins Wikimedia, erklärt im Interview, warum die deutsche Version so anders ist als alle anderen Wikipedia-Version.»
  • Neanderthals were not specially adapted to cold climate
    «The characteristic broad foreheads and large noses of Neanderthals did not give them any special advantage in the cold arctic conditions of the last ice age, according to new research that has raised new questions about the habitats our prehistoric relatives lived in and why they died out.»

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