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  • 27C3 Recordings
    Die Aufnahmen zum Congress des CCC. Mirrors u.a. dort oder auch dort :-)
  • Historical Trekking
    «Historical Trekking (also called Period Trekking, Experimental Archeology, or Experiential Anthropology) is a hobby where we as 21st century people attempt a task someone in our chosen time period would have done, using only the tools and equipment they would have used, or the knowledge we have gleaned from research.» Tipp via @Felicea
  • Wikileaks: Assange droht mit Veröffentlichung aller Dokumente
    Aha, d.h. dann wohl wirklich brisante Dokumente werden wir nie erhalten, nur die bisherigen «Banalitäten». Nun, wer macht sich auf Wikileaks zu leaken? :-)
  • Bruce Sterling about Assange and Wikileaks
    «He’s had forty years to learn what he was doing. He’s not some miserabilist semi-captive like the uniformed Bradley Manning. He’s a darkside player out to stick it to the Man. The guy has surrounded himself with the cream of the computer underground, wily old rascals like Rop Gonggrijp and the fearsome Teutonic minions of the Chaos Computer Club.»
  • Freak weather could have been predicted
    «This year was a busy one for meteorologists, as they tracked heat waves, monsoons, and winds carrying volcanic ash. Nicola Jones catches up with Julia Slingo, chief scientist at the UK Met Office in Exeter, Devon, about how natural disasters and extreme weather events over the past 12 months have changed what Britain’s national weather centre does.»

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