Twhirl 0.9 veröffentlicht

Das Seesmic-Team hat heute Twhirl 0.9 veröffentlicht. Unter funktionieren nun die privaten Nachrichten oder auch die Favoriten. Ein weiterer großer Schritt für Twhirl. Der Client begeistert immer mehr. Im Einzelnen:

In a nutshell, here’s what’s new in Twhirl 0.9

  • spellchecker (currently English only, can be deactivated in settings if you use Twhirl in other languages)
  • your Twitter @replies will display even if you are mentioned in the middle of a tweet — don’t miss anyone quoting your name
  • share all your updates to all your favorite social software via Ping.FM support: Twhirl now posts to Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more
  • follow any topic in near-realtime: searching for a term or a brand and then activating it as a saved search it will bring all future mentions of it into your timeline
  • record a video and post it straight to Twitter, then get your Seesmic video replies and follow the video conversation
  • get new Seesmic replies and videos in realtime thanks to XMPP support
  • support for bitly url shortnener with stats and history
  • support for direct messages and favorites on laconica/identica

We’ve also fixed many bugs, including:

  • «in reply to» references on Twitter and identica are now supported correctly
  • drag/resize issues should be fixed
  • pingfm support from Twitter and laconica/identica accounts
  • pressing Shift-Space no longer creates two spaces on non-OS X systems
  • @usernames, ‘Twhirl’ and ‘Seesmic’ are not marked as spelled wrong 😛
  • copying URLs from timelines using the contextual menus is working now

And don’t forget the existing core Twhirl features that made it a success:

  • multiple Twitter, laconica, Friendfeed and Seesmic account support
  • runs on Windows and Mac OSX (and Linux)
  • notifications of new messages across all of your accounts
  • shorten long urls easily (using snurl, twurl or isgd)
  • post images to TwitPic
  • search tweets using Twitter Search and Tweetscan
  • timeline filtering
  • groovy color schemes to personalize your experience
  • automatically checks for new versions

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