Truth alone will endure; all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.

The Pits: Georgia’s GOP Swipes the Peach State
Over 50,000 the new voters in Georgia have been blocked from voting by using a nasty little new law, the Help America Vote Act signed by George Bush. (Bush is helping us vote — look out!)

Tutsi rebels in Congo accused of murdering civilians
Tutsi rebels in eastern Congo have been accused of summarily killing civilians as they seized a town that had been the stronghold of Hutu militias, and forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes.

Irische Polizei fordert Mobilfunker zu umfassender Datenspeicherung auf
Einer Meldung der Irish Times zufolge hat Garda Comissioner Fachtna Murphy in einem Brief an den Mobilfunker appelliert, als «guter Bürger» die Datennutzung seiner Kunden in Echtzeit zu überwachen und die gespeicherten Informationen auf Anfrage der Polizei zu übermitteln.

Excavations give insight into underground life of First World War soldiers on Western Front
Built 50ft beneath the killing fields of the Western Front, First World War «tunnel towns» not only gave British troops shelter from the slaughter above but provided the closest the men had to comfort.

Zitat: Gandhi

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