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«Science encourages the idea that humans are just «molecular machines» that have to be made more efficient, he said, and its job is simply to measure the universe and predict its activity. But humans are more than this; they have a soul, Professor Martin said, and it is the job of the humanities to help people achieve their destiny as «true human beings».»

«Partitioning one’s digital life into security domains is certainly not an easy process and requires some thinking. This process is also very user-specific. The partitioning scheme that I’ve come up for myself is quite sophisticated, and most people would probably want something much simpler.»

«As the disaster in Japan illustrates, so starkly and so tragically, people have a hard time planning for events that they don’t want to imagine happening. But these are precisely the events that must be taken into account in a realistic assessment of risk. We’ve more or less pretended that our nuclear plants are safe, and so far we have got away with it. The Japanese have not.»

«Und nun also die Katastrophe von Fukushima. Das konservative Weltbild hätte es vielleicht verwunden, wenn ein Reaktor aufgrund der besonderen Umstände durchgegangen wäre. Das liesse sich noch irgendwie als Sonderfall erklären, als die winzig kleine Chance, dass es in 250,000 Jahren trotz bester Technik der westlichen Welt doch einmal passiert. Zwei durchgebrannte Reaktoren sprechen schon mehr für grundsätzliche Probleme, die nicht ganz zufällig auftreten.»

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