Schlagwort ‘Tower of Goo UNLIMITED!‘

Tower of Goo UNLIMITED! — Der kleine Goo für Zwischendurch

Kurz und schmerzlos: World of Goo hatte ich bereits mehrfach angesprochen. Auf Experimental Gameplay hat World-of-Goo-Macher Kyle Gabler Tower of Goo UNLIMITED! veröffentlicht.

Same game, but now infinite in all directions! (If you’ve never played before, you should check the original below..) Thanks for your feedback and suggestions! IMPORTANT NOTE if you are wondering how this relates to World of Goo. I made this short prototype «Tower of Goo» several years ago as an experiment in just a few days. It’s buggy and doesn’t even run on some computers! So please don’t think it’s representative of World of Goo — only the basic idea was carried over — World of Goo is much more friendly, stable, and filled with delicious!

Tower of Goo UNLIMITED!

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