Schlagwort ‘Sowjet-Unterzögersdorf‘

25C3: Soviet Unterzoegersdorf

Join a glorious gala presentation with his Excellency and a battalion of members of the Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Military Enforcement Community. We will present the envious «First World» with the fruits of our techno-labor. Among other triumphs on display will be the second part of an ongoing series of so-called «Computer Games» or «Virtual Hyper-Rooms» glorifying the struggles of the Motherland, Soviet Unterzoegersdorf: Sector II. We promise not to mention the SALT II agreement.


Ich mag ja (die Jungs und Mädels von) Sowjet-Unterzögersdorf (Sektor1) – auch wenn ich wie Prospero nicht immer verstehe, was die da machen. 😀

Have phun… 😀

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