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OpenBSD 4.9 Vorbestellung


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This release the artwork is based on the stories of Douglas Adams, including his favorite number — 42. Therefore we can remember the previous major achievement of CSRG — BSD 4.2.

BSD 4.2 was not free, but it created and integrated so many new technologies that we all depend on today. Take a moment to consider how many things first available in BSD 4.2 you are using at this moment, to read this page — sockets, AF_INET, virtual memory, etc.

Today, new releases of operating systems from well-known vendors contain less new features than BSD 4.2 did.

If only we could stop slacking and make a release like that!


Eines der sichersten freien UNIX-Betriebssyteme steht kurz vor einem neuen Release: Version 4.9. Die Vorbestellung ist möglich, OpenBSD erscheint am 01.Mai 2011. Was neu ist kann man im Changelog nachlesen.

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