stirb FreeBSD

EOL kommt für FreeBSD 5.5, 6.1 und 6.2, ab dem 31.Mail heißt es dann Abschied nehmen. Ebenso endet der Ports-Support für die 5er Schiene des freien UNIX-Derivats. Die zukünftigen gepflegten Releases lauten dann ab Ende Mai also folglich FreeBSD 6.3 und FreeBSD 7.0.

The FreeBSD Ports Management Team wishes to inform users that May 31st (the security team’s End-Of-Support date for FreeBSD 5.x) will also be the end of support for the Ports Collection on both 5.5-RELEASE and the 5-STABLE branch. Neither the infrastructure nor individual ports are guaranteed to work on these FreeBSD versions after that date. A CVS tag will be created for users who cannot upgrade for some reason; as of that commit, these users are advised to stop tracking the latest ports CVS repository and instead stay with the version as of that tag.


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