Movie pirates are thieves, plain and simple. Piracy is the unauthorized taking, copying or use of copyrighted materials without permission. It is no different from stealing another person’s shoes or stereo, except sometimes it can be a lot more damaging. Piracy is committed in many ways, including Internet piracy, copying and distribution of discs, broadcasts, and even public performances. Downloading movies without the authorization of copyright holders is a growing international phenomenon, and it has serious consequences.


Historically, cinema has always been propelled by outlawry. The reason Hollywood is where it is, rather than in New York, is because out in the far west, pioneer movie-makers were beyond the reach of Thomas Edison and his strangling motion-picture camera patents. In California the studios (like today’s students) could violate the law with impunity. Had the industry remained in New York, we’d still be in the kinematograph era: law-abiding and backward.


Wenn Piraten selbst Piraten jagen -1

  1. apropos Piraten, das hier ist Kultur und da wird der [[wikipedia:de:Pharisäer]] erklärt… []

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