open for business — Hiring FreeBSD

I’ll be one of the first to tell you FreeBSD’s cousin, Linux, usually works better on newer hardware, and on a slightly larger set of hardware. Frankly, there are ways in which Linux works better, more completely exploiting the features of that hardware. However, Linux is not a single OS. There are some 50+ mainstream versions of Linux (known as «distributions») and many are quite different from each other. Almost all are mutually incompatible for most things. This offers choice, and that’s a good thing in itself. It’s also pretty chaotic for someone who isn’t in the know, so there’s a downside, too. The busy SOHO computer user may not have time to evaluate the whole field. FreeBSD users as a community are fewer in number, and have an image of being just a little bit more elitist. However, there is only one FreeBSD. When and where it works, it tends to work extremely well.

OFB article

Netter Artikel über FreeBSD, der die Vorteile dieses Systems für Firmen hervorhebt in puncto Entwicklungssystem, Lizenz etc.

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