It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state.

Cloud Computing
Schneier: Trust is a concept as old as humanity, and the solutions are the same as they have always been. Be careful who you trust, be careful what you trust them with, and be careful how much you trust them. Outsourcing is the future of computing. Eventually we’ll get this right, but you don’t want to be a casualty along the way.

Introducing Page Speed
Page Speed is a tool we’ve been using internally to improve the performance of our web pages — it’s a Firefox Add-on integrated with Firebug. When you run Page Speed, you get immediate suggestions on how you can change your web pages to improve their speed.

High Population Density Triggers Cultural Explosions
Increasing population density, rather than boosts in human brain power, appears to have catalysed the emergence of modern human behaviour[…]

European Greens Want to Legalize File-Sharing
The Greens were one of the parties that managed to block legislation that would make it easier to implement “three-strikes” and disconnect alleged pirates from the Internet. In addition, they opposed the controversial and draconian IPRED legislation that would criminalize forms of copyright infringement.

Quote: Bruce Schneier

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