Frozen Bubble 2.0

Das beliebte, süchtigmachende, Tetris-ähnliche Spiel ist in der Version 2.0 raus. Alles größer, besser, schöner 😀 einfach mal reinschauen, das kann man schlecht beschreiben 😉

new 1-player game mode: multiplayer training; uses identical game rules as multiplayer, generated malus bubbles are counted as points — what score will you be able to reach in the 2 minutes time frame?
network (Internet) game: up to 5 players in a game (net game system has logic able to transparently handle players behind a NAT)
LAN game: similar to network game except that no connection to Internet is made, substituted by polling the local network
fully revamped graphics, including now 3d-based smooth penguin eyecandy
revamped intro and 1p music into fully digital productions
full joystick support: just move your joystick(s) or push buttons in the «change keys» dialog (analog joysticks handled as digital for fair play)
recording and playback of all games with non-predefined levels (1-player in random and multiplayer training, local 2-player, and network/LAN game with 2 to 5 players)
realtime graphical effects in the menu screen (if your computer is fast enough)
anti-aliased and localized messages

3 Antworten zu “Frozen Bubble 2.0”

  1. Chris sagt:

    Frozen Bubble ist genial. :)

  2. floyd sagt:

    Was würde ich ohne FrozenBubble in den Mathevorlesungen machen 😉

  3. […] Ja irgendwo gibts immer mal ein Problem, so auch hier bei Frozen Bubble 2. In der Regel sollte das Kompilat nach dem Start bei jedem einen Perl Coredump erzeugen (SDL init bla bla crash), dem kann man abhelfen, indem man Frozen Bubble derart startet, LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ frozen-bubble […]

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