Frenzy v1.0RC1 — Administrator CD basierend auf FreeBSD

Was die Demo DVD Knoppix für den LinuxTAG ist, ist Frenzy für den Admin. Eine Sammlung von diverser Software zur Forensik, Filesystem-Prüfung, Hardware-/Stresstests usw., vergleichbar mit der Linux LiveCD grml. Diese LiveCD basiert in der neuesten Version auf FreeBSD 6.1. Der Autor bittet um ausgiebige Tests …

Base system — FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE
Software listing for Frenzy 1.0-RC1 Standard
Improved boot loader with different booting options:
Selection of system language (supported languages: en, ru, ua, bg, cz, de, es, fr, it, pl, sk). Translators wanted :)
Setting of RAM disk size (now common RAM disk used for all mfs)
Possibility of booting from compressed image on HDD (file frenzy.uzip must be put in frenzy/ directory of root directory on any partition)
Different HDD interaction modes (mount read-write / find partitions, but do not mount them / do not touch HDD at all)
Disabling of automatical backup restoring
Possibility of automatical GUI loading
Configuration center (frconf) for console setup, swap file creation, configuration of LAN, Dialup, VPN, ADSL.
HDD installer (install2hdd, can cause some problems)
USB Flash installer(install2flash, can cause some problems)
New backup utilities, for now without GUI («frbk-create» and «frbk-restore», archive with backup must be in frenzy/backup/ directory on any partition or floppy or USB Flash)
Stress-testing utility («stresstest»)
Brand new look :)

Frenzy v1.0RC1 Download

(MD5: 6d966608a866f39fef831df660df2b26 / knapp 200Mb )

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