Es ist besser, Unrecht zu leiden als Unrecht zu tun.

Unix is Dead, Long Live Unix
I’ve been primarily a Windows developer since the early 90s, but over time, I’ve developed a grudging respect for Unix.

The future of Unix
Many media outlets and Linux zealots talk the imminent death of Unix to the advantage of Linux. Nice to see, that customers think different.

Ruhrgebiet ist keine SPD-Hochburg mehr
Erinnert sich noch jemand daran, dass das Ruhrgebiet einmal eine SPD-Hochburg war? Nicht? Dann fragt mal Euren Opa.

Ein Wechsel und ein Goodbye
Traurig aber wahr, ich stelle meine Debian GNU/Linux-Arbeit ein und Wechsel nun komplett in das Unix-Lager wieder.

Swedish Pirate Party Wins Two One Seat In EU Parliament
In yet another sign that the entertainment industry’s «winning» verdict in the trial of The Pirate Bay was anything but a victory, the surge in voters signed up to be a part of Sweden’s Pirate Party was enough to elect two one representative of the party to the European Parliament, with 7.4% 7.1% of the vote (Updated as later results became public).

How Pirates Shook European Politics
With 7.1 percent of the vote, the Swedish Pirate Party has shocked its critics and secured a seat in the European Parliament. The Pirates received more votes from those under 30 than any other party in the European elections yesterday, and this was celebrated with pints of rum and loads of pirate chants.

Zitat: Sokrates


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