Den Guten nenne ich glücklich. Wer aber Unrecht tut, den nenne ich unglücklich.

Gedenken an die Novemberpogrome vor 70 Jahren
Zahlreiche Veranstaltungen erinnern an die von den Nationalsozialisten organisierten Ausschreitungen gegen tausende jüdische Synagogen und Geschäfte.

Leonardo codex to be dismantled
The world’s top Leonardo Da Vinci expert on Tuesday spoke out in favour of dismantling a 12-volume collection of work by the Renaissance genius.

Reconstructing the Leftovers on the Amiga Kickstart 1.0 Disk
It is well-known that the “Kickstart” disk that came with the original Amiga 1000 in 1985 contained some fragments of source code: The floppy disk that was used as a master for duplication had been used by the developers before, and had not been erased completely.

Advchk is a tool for monitoring the security of installed software. Advisory Check gathers security advisories using RSS / RDF / XML feeds, compares them against a list of known software, and alerts you if you’re vulnerable.

Neue Figuren .… =)

Einfach mal reinschauen, hochinteressant =)

Getting ready for President McBama
Um vorwärts zu kommen muß man äußerst flexibel sein. It’s that ideological flexibility that has made Harman both a successful negotiator and a longtime thorn in the side of some Democrats[…]

Fear of a Black President
When the despair runs deep enough, and finds no other outlet, it can veer into the kind of racialist, paranoid populism that is both more understated and more widespread—and thus more frightening—than the skinheads with their sawed-off shotguns and Nazi salutes.

Zitat: Platon

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