25C3: Terrorist All-Stars

Some cases of terrorism around the world that are not terrorist at all

After more than a year of mostly dealing with the terrorism investigation against my partner Andrej Holm, and the resulting total surveillance directed at him and our family, it has become more quiet lately for us. The investigation is still going on though. In the course of my new preoccupation ‘terrorism’ I keep hearing about similarly absurd cases of such investigations. All different, but all with analogies. All hard to bear for those who are subjected tot them. The talk will introduce some cases and search for patterns in cases against ‘terrorists’ who are clearly not terrorists.

Anne Roth, Partnerin von Andrej Holm, auf dem 25C3. Auch Du bist §278a – mehr ist dazu schon fast nicht mehr zu sagen. Vielleicht noch der Verweis auf das Leben als Überwachte. Gestern die da aus Berlin, weit weg, heute Du. 😉


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